JV industrial technology

JV industrial technology has been prominent name in the most advanced manufacturing, Supplying and exporting of All type of microprocessor based servo stabilizers (Air cooled & Oil Cooled), Comprehensive and more significantly the incomparably innovative range of electrical products.

JV industrial technology is also renowned name in the market offering premium quality of power conditioning and power protection equipment like servo stabilizers, isolation transformers, cvt, online ups, and home inverter.

Safety. Security and quality are the three foremost principles on which the company instigates its modus operandi.

Our aspiration and concern is too making our buyer fill safe .confident and more effective. At JV industrial technology we drive a culture of continuous improvement in all areas of our business. Eliminating waste, increasing value, and reducing lead time… finding a batter way…every day*

Today JV industrial technology heads the manufacturing all type servo voltage stabilizers. Air cooled servo voltage stabilizers. Oil cooled servo voltage stabilizers. Ultra isolation transformer. Online ups over the years.


1. Creditable Integrity

Jv industrial technology is all about customer trust because our credibility lies in the client’s belief. We follow the honest policy of truth and nothing is hidden or undeclared either about the product or price. As a result, what you see is what you get. Our objective is to enhance customer bonding through positive business relations.

2. Effective Teamwork

Each Servo stabilizer passes through a number of tests. The technical team ensures that you get the best product without a glitch. Thus, each of our products is fitted with only high quality Servo motor, heat resistant winding and a heavy duty circuitry for long-lasting workability in every condition. It is weather resistant and maintenance free.

3.  Quality Assurance Our Servo stabilizers are backed by one year onsite warranty on Servo motor and transformer, so it gives you total peace of mind. Just call our number and we are there at your location! It’s that simple. For queries and suggestions, we are always there to guide you because in our culture, client gratification is of prime importance.


Superior quality and customer satisfaction have always been our priority at jv industrial

Technology. We constantly try to make every next controller better or same as previous. Every single controller is manufactured. Erected. And supplied with the utmost quality, raw materials and accessories.

Our quality check department is keep their eyes on every phase on production while making any

Controllers as too follow international quality standers .we strive to equip our personnel with state of the art tools and technology as well as employee – friendly facilities.

At JV industrial technology we focus on strong. Long – term- relationship s with our clients, as we consider sound client relationship the most important contributor to our success. We cement these Relationships by providing superior customer value and by continuously improving our performance.

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