We Have Developed and Supplied our Digital Microprocessor base Servo Voltage Stabilizer. Generally in industries the incoming voltage remains between 450V – 460V, while in case of lighting load the required maximum voltage is 370V – 380V. With the help of our unit we maintain this level constant. Incoming Voltage above 370V will increase the extra power consumption. We have supplied above such units to the different leading Textile Industries / Pharmaceuticals / Rolling Mills/ so many other Industries & Unit consumption is saved substantially as per Incoming Voltage Range. After installing our unit you will get power saved of 20% to 50 % in the tube. Depending on the incoming Voltage and will reduce the additional cost.

Importance of Digital Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Let’s draw an analogy of a human body. Our body needs to maintain a constant temperature of 98.4 F to work effectively. Even a minor increase or decrease in body temperature can lead to further deterioration of one or more body parts.

Similarly, most Electrical types of equipment require a constant voltage supply of 400v to last longer & run efficiently. Electric motors draw considerably high at high/Low voltage, causing excessive power losses and resulting in their premature failure.

Micro Controller Based Auto / Manual Modes of Operation.

Our micro controller card integrates three core functions of CONTROL / PROTECTION and DIGITAL DISPLAY for the regulator. It controls the output voltage with set limits and provides under voltage, over voltage, over load and single phasing preventer protection. It also digitally displays all the three input, output voltages and load currents simultaneously on Display .It has alphanumeric display of faults for each phase on the Display. Various parameters can be set by optional detachable setting panel.

Salient Features:-

  • High Efficiency.
  • No Wave Form Distortion.
  • Reduction in Breakdown of Electrical Equipment / Power Bills.
  • Wide Voltage Range.
  • Constant Output Voltage within Close Tolerances.

Scope of Application

  • Pharmaceutical unit
  • All type of industries
  • All type of laser CNC & VMC machine
  • All type of Textile machine
  • Plastic moulding machine
  • Food Processing Unit
  • All Type petrol’s Pump & CNG Pump
  • Hospitals
  • Mall And multiplex
  • Bungalows
  • All Type of Printing industries


  • Input Voltage : 340/480 volt & 360/460 & 340/500 volt AC Or As per Buyer Requirement
  • Rate Of Correction Speed : 35v/sec(P+N) 70v/sec (P+P)
  • Response Time : ‹10msec
  • Efficiency : Up to 98% at full load.
  • Protections : over Voltage & under voltage Cut-off in input/output, over load, Short circuit and single Phasing Preventer.
  • Output Voltage : Adjustment +/- 10 V.
  • Frequency : 47-50 HZ
  • Operating temperature : 15’C to 50’C
  • Wave from distortion : Nil
  • Class : C Surge Suppressor
  • Servo Motor Drive : AC Synchronous Motor.
  • Effect of Load Power Factor : Nil
  • Insulation Class : B
  • Offered unit has LCD display showing input/output voltages and load current along with Fault/trip messages.
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