(30 KVA TO 2000 KVA)

JV Industrial Technology Make Oil Cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizers are provided with durable motor controlled stabilization system for ensuring voltage supply. Servo Voltage Stabilizers are designed with transformer boosters for capturing voltage fluctuations and controlling current. With powerful AC synchronous motor, they adjust the level of voltage in clockwise or anticlockwise direction for accurately managing the output voltage. In addition to this, these Three Phase Digital Servo Voltage Stabilizers are designed with high-tech control card, Isolated Transformer, safe Protection , etc. to ensure maximum efficacy with high level of safety.

Protection :-

  • Under Voltage Protection
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Single phasing preventer
  • Phase Reversal preventer
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Trip time delay adjustments with variable setting
  • Designed to correct voltage and reduce electricity bills with unmatched excellence.
  • High Efficiency.
  • No Wave Form Distortion.
  • Wide Voltage Range.
  • Constant Output Voltage within Close Tolerances.

Panel Indication

  • Input & Output Digital Voltage Indication
  • Input Low & High Trip Indication for Individual Phase 
  • Output Low & High Trip Indication for Individual Phase 

Scope of Application :-

  • Pharmaceutical unit
  • All type of industries
  • All type of laser CNC & VMC machine
  • All type of Textile machine
  • Plastic molding machine
  • Food Processing Unit
  • All Type petrol’s Pump & CNG Pump
  • Hospitals
  • Mall and multiplex
  • Bungalows

All Type Of Printing industries

Specification :-

  • Input Voltage: – 340/480 & 360/460 & 340/500 Volt AC or As Per Buyer Requirement,
  • Rate Of Correction Speed:- 35v/Sec(P+N) 70v/Sec (P+P)
  • Response Time:- ‹10msec
  • Efficiency: – Up To 98% at Full Load.
  • Output Voltage Adjustment +/- 10 V.
  • Duty Cycle – 100% Continuous
  • Frequency 47-50 HZ
  • Operating Temperature 15’C to 50’C
  • Wave from Distortion – Nil
  • Class C Surge Suppressor.
  • Servo Motor Drive- AC Synchronous Motor.
  • Effect of Load Power Factor- Nil
  • Insulation Class-B.
  • Offered Unit Has LCD Display Showing Input/Output Voltages And Load Current Along With Fault/Trip Messages.
  • Protections: – Over Voltage Cut-Off in Input/Output & Under Voltage Cut-Off in Input/Output, Over Load, Short Circuit and Single Phasing Preventer
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